I view therapy as a collaborative process that facilitates communication, problem-solving and self-exploration, which leads to lasting change in relationships and life.

As a clinical psychologist in private practice for over 27 years, I have learned that while no single type of therapy works for everyone, a strong, trusting and caring therapeutic relationship is essential to all for achieving growth and change. In therapy, we use this relationship to learn about how you feel and behave in your other significant relationships, past and present. Therapy becomes a place to test out new ways of communicating and to develop new ways of seeing and understanding things. Ultimately, therapy leads to taking healthy risks in relationships and life in general.

My approach is varied. I utilize techniques from Psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as Cognitive-Behavioral, Rational-Emotive Therapy and Strategic Family Therapy, depending on the unique situation. I see adolescents and adults in individual, family and couples and group therapy. I also do clinical supervision.

Areas of specialization include: depression, anxiety, relationship issues, women’s issues, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), adjustment issues, separation and divorce, addiction and recovery, co-dependency, ACOA, chronic illness, cancer patients and their families, aging, job stress and bereavement.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please contact the office at (631) 751-4152.